Web development reference sidebar for Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape 6+

This bar contains references of CSS 2.1, DOM 2, HTML 4.01 and XSLT that link to W3C specifications. This is a local attempted mirror of the Netscape DevEdge Sidebar. See below to find out how it looks. Click the following link to This is a local mirror at OU.

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If the bar doesn't resize to fit the bar, enable JavaScript or reinstall Java. More about the sidebar and its source code.

You can contact the person who mirrored this at Sheepy's Geocities site. If you want more, checkout the sidebar directory of the open directory project.


If you think this sidebar is cool, you may like the other ones below. (I cannot vouch for stability of these links; after all, we all thought that Netscape's Developer's site would last forever!)

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